Skip navigation home | collection home | search | browse | what's new | faq | about search string: the henry swan papers the cold heart: hypothermia and cardiac surgery, 1949-1962 biographical information medical training, wartime surgical experiences, and early career, 1935-1949 the cold heart: hypothermia and cardiac surgery, 1949-1962 learning from the lungfish: studies of hiberation, 1963-1988 glossary further readings documents visuals like all first-generation cardiovascular surgeons, swan had trained in general surgery, doing both thoracic and abdominal procedures, but not working on the heart or its major vessels. viagra pictures pill Cardiology had developed into a distinct specialty before world war ii, greatly aided by tools such as the electrocardiograph (ekg) and cardiac catheters, which allowed physicians to measure pressures within the heart chambers. refractory period men viagra viagra cost pharmacy Radiographic techniques for studying arteries had also been developed. viagra without a doctor prescription refractory period men viagra By contrast, cardiac surgery advanced slowly, owing largely to the difficulty of interrupting the heart's function long enough to repair it, without risking brain damage. Uk pharmacy online viagra cheapest viagra to buy But the boundaries of thoracic surgery were expanding rapidly during this period, often with dramatic results. order generic viagra online usa In 1944 alfred blalock and helen taussig at johns hopkins had devised an arterial shunt operation that prolonged the lives of many "blue babies" born with heart defects. viagra usa rezeptfrei That same year, robert gross at harvard and clarence crafoord and k. refractory period men viagra G. is generic viagra safe V. generic viagra fast shipping Nylin at sweden's karolinska institut had each repaired a coarctation of the aorta (a congenital constriction of that large artery in the descending portion near the heart) by removing the defective section and suturing the aorta ends together. viagra cheap real Dwight harken's wartime success at getting pieces of shrapnel out of still-beating hearts inspired him to use the technique (after many animal trials) to correct mitral valve stenosis, a common outcome of rheumatic fever. Does viagra women really work (prior to the advent of antibiotics, starting in the late 1930s, rheumatic fever often followed streptococcal infections such as strep throat and scarlet fever. cheapest viagra pills This caused stenosis, i. viagra samples online E. comprare viagra generico in farmacia , scarring and narrowing of the heart valve openings, particularly the mitral valve through which blood flows from the left atrium to the left ventricle. Viagra overnight no prescription With the flow of oxygenated blood from the lungs thus seriously reduced, patients often suffered from disabling shortness of breath. cheap generic viagra Over a million americans s. purchasing viagra online viagra trial offer free


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